What foods are best for your health?

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Rarely does something so important come along that I think it is important to write you about it.

You might be wondering what foods are best for your health?  We at Peak Human Labs have come across a better answer than the typical ones you usually hear.   We all know, It is very difficult to know which diet is best for you. For some people, its a vegetarian or vegan diet, for others a Paleo or Keto diet. Now there is a new test that will tell you which foods your body reacts to with increased blood sugar. For example, your body might not show a huge sugar spike with pomegranates but instead react strongly to peaches.   Normally there is no way to know this.  But with this test, the results will help you to better choose your foods that are RIGHT FOR YOU and help you lose weight and prevent/treat diabetes.

How does it work?  This test is based on revolutionary new technology looking at the bacteria in your stool.   

First the basics – Everyone’s bacteria profile (aka as your Microbiome) is unique.  In fact, it makes more sense to think of your body as a “holobiome” – a combination of your human cells and your bacteria.   The number of bacteria dwarfs the number of human cells in your body by 10x so it may be more accurate to think that your body is actually just a carrying case for the bacteria to live and survive.   

These bacteria in your gut determine how your food is digested and what nutrients are absorbed in your body.   

The test is called the DayTwo Test and its available now for you to have your test done. Contact Us to book your test.

Please see below for more information on this revolutionary new test.

Check out the DayTwo website and an article in Cell that shows that the DayTwo test predicted the sugar rise in the study participants based on their bacteria in their gut.

Here is a an interesting TEDx talk on how the perfect diet for everyone is unique [What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin – YouTube]

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