The Peak Edge You’ve Been Looking For

At Peak Human, our mission is to help people perform better, think clearer, recover quicker and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, proven by research and measured results from patients, athletes, and medical professionals.

We believe that optimal health and performance can only be achieved when all aspects of the human condition are at their peak; therefore our team of health care professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your ‘peak’ health with a custom whole-person approach.

Using the most cutting-edge, science-backed biohacking and aesthetic tools, technologies and treatments available today, we help you achieve the highest state of physical/cognitive performance leading to an improved overall quality of life.

Whether you struggle with:

  • Maintaining energy and stamina
  • Brain fog and lack of focus
  • Stress, anxiety or mood swings
  • Weight or poor body composition
  • Joint pains and body aches
  • Poor sleep or rejuvenation
  • Sexual dysfunction

We can help by:

  • Addressing the underlying root causes of your health challenges using evidence-based integrative practices
  • Taking a wholistic perspective that encompasses all factors of well-being
  • Administer the most cutting-edge tools, tests and treatments to ensure you are receiving the best care and making progress on your wellness goals

What we do

Train harder, be sharper, recover quicker, look younger, and have more energy and focus than ever before using the latest in cutting edge biohacking tools and tests available today!

Genomic Testing and Biological Age Assessments

Personalized Health Assessments and Treatments

Body Composition, Biomarker and Metabolic Improvement

Comprehensive Hormone, Gut, and Micronutrient Testing

Performance-Enhancing and Regenerative Treatments

Patient-Specific Lifestyle


The Peak Human 90 day Process


Peak Consultation

A Peak Human Coach will discuss your health goals, guide you through your intake questionnaires, assess your health baseline and schedule your visits.


Peak Assessment & Testing

A Peak Human Physician will review your medical history, set you up the tests you need, and clarify why they’re right for you.


Personalized Peak Plan

Based on your goals and test results, our team will custom create and deliver a personalized peak lifestyle plan that has been tailored to your needs.


Peak Coaching

To ensure you’re getting the best results, our Peak Coach will follow-up with you to walk you through your plan, answer any questions or make any modifications that best suit your lifestyle.

What can you expect after the 90-Day Period?

  • Improved body composition and physique
  • Sustainable physical mental energy
  • Better emotional control and decreased anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality and feelings of rejuvenation
  • Decreased instances of forgetfulness, sluggishness and brain fog
  • Fewer chances of aches, pains, lethargy and other forms of depletion
  • Less reliance on stimulants such as caffeine and sugar for energy
  • Improved stress resilience and decreased feelings of overwhelm
  • Increased strength and cardiovascular capacity
  • Overall feeling of improved well-being and mental clarity

*Individual results may vary.

Meet our Team

Dr. Lopita Banerjee

Dr. Banerjee is a family physician with a special interest in addictions and chronic pain.

Dr. Naeha Sareen

Dr. Naeha Sareen uses an integrative model of healthcare and rehabilitation that relies…

Carmelia Ray
Online Dating & Match-Making Expert

Carmelia Ray is an Author, Speaker, Television Personality, Celebrity…

Michelle Rodrigues
BHSc. (Hons.), COO

Michelle Rodrigues is the Chief Operations Officer of Peak Human.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences…