Unveiling the Sweet Trap | Dr. Nicole Avena Expose Sugar Addiction & Its Impact on Health

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Join Dr. Sanjeev and leading neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Avena as they uncover the hidden dangers of sugar consumption in this engaging discussion. Dr. Avena sheds light on the addictive nature of added sugars in processed foods, urging viewers to be mindful of their sugar intake and offering practical strategies to combat cravings. Gain insights into the impact of sugar on our brain’s reward pathways and learn how to foster healthier dietary habits for yourself and your family. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about sugar addiction and its effects on overall health.



00:00 – Introduction

01:41 – Evolution of Research Interests

03:03 – Understanding Sugars

04:11 – Effects of Sugar Consumption

06:37 – Fruit Sugar vs. Added Sugar

07:57 – Impact of Fruit Juicing

09:49 – Monitoring Sugar Intake

10:50 – Changes in Food Industry

11:54 – Effects of Sugar on Brain Reward Pathways

17:04 – Tolerance & Binging

18:09 – Sugar Addiction & Binge Eating

19:30 – Sugar & Mental Health

20:44 – Understanding Tolerance

22:09 – Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

23:52 – Cravings & Hedonic Cravings

26:29 – Coping with Sugar Cravings

28:01 – Understanding Dopamine Release

29:06 – Impact of Sugar Substitutes

32:04 – Effects of Reducing Sugar Intake

35:03 – Parenting Approach to Sugar

37:29 – Starting the Journey to Reduce Sugar

40:57 – Closing Remarks


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