5 Proven Ways to Aid Telomere Shortening for Overall Health & Wellness

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Identifying ways to combat aging and age-related disorders has become a significant public health problem as the world’s population ages. At the cellular level, telomere malfunction and genomic instability appear to be substantial factors in aging. Let’s take a look at five evidence-based strategies for reducing telomere shortening and improving overall health.

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Learn 5 Science-backed Methods to Reverse Telomere Shortening for a Healthier Tomorrow

Telomeres are the repetitive nucleotide sequences that protect the ends of chromosomes and preserve genomic integrity, allowing the chromosomes to be adequately replicated during cell division. Without telomeres, DNA would be lost every time a cell divides.

Each time a cell replicates, the chromosomes are shortened by around 25-200 bases due to the imperfect replication of linear chromosomes. The chromosome reaches a critical length when the telomere becomes too short and can no longer be replicated.

The length of a person’s telomeres indicates their overall health. While short telomeres are associated with cellular aging and malfunction, long telomeres are associated with nutrient-rich diets and healthy lifestyles in various studies.


Include Nutrient-rich Foods in Daily Diet

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Longer telomeres, a decreased risk of age-related illnesses, and a longer lifespan are all associated with people who pursue a healthier diet. Foods that can help prevent natural telomere shortening include:


High-fiber Foods

Dietary fiber has a significant influence on health and aging. Numerous studies have shown that people consuming fiber-rich foods live longer and have fewer diseases than those who don’t.

A study on the relationship between fiber intake and telomere length showed that higher fiber intake is linked to longer telomeres and less biological aging than lower fiber intake. The study also emphasized the risk of accelerated aging among people who do not consume enough dietary fiber.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There is increasing evidence that omega-3 fatty acids appear to impact aging and age-related disorders directly. According to a study on omega-3 fatty acids and telomere length, there was a negative relationship between baseline blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids and telomere shortening rate. In other words, the fewer omega-3 fatty acids we have, the faster the telomeres shorten.

Oxidative stress, a significant driver of telomere shortening and aging, might be one explanation for the link between omega-3 fatty acids and slower telomere shortening. Another explanation might be the increased activity of the enzyme telomerase.


Foods High in Vitamin C, D, and E

According to a review, vitamin C and E consumption, either from food or multivitamins, is linked to longer telomeres in women in a dose-dependent manner. Moreover, supplementing vitamin C or E can slow down the age-dependent telomere shortening and increase cells’ life span in a culture medium.

Another study found that oxidative stress reduction and telomerase retention, both of which can be achieved with enhanced vitamin C, can slow down age-related telomere shortening.

Besides vitamin C and E, vitamin D is essential for vital cellular activities. Vitamin D’s multiple roles have led to speculation that it may have a role in telomere biology and genomic stability.

According to a study, greater vitamin D levels obtained through dietary supplementation are linked to longer telomere length. Vitamin D’s anti-inflammatory and anti-cell proliferation properties may help to reduce telomere shortening. This result highlights vitamin D’s potentially beneficial effects on aging and age-related diseases.

Furthermore, existing evidence suggests that vitamin D contributes to cellular aging and telomere biology in a review. Findings show an inverse relationship between serum vitamin D and age-related diseases. The preservation of telomere biology might be how vitamin D can delay cellular aging.


Foods Rich in Zinc

Dietary zinc deficiency has been linked to DNA damage in humans. The number of cells with critically short telomeres and decreased telomere length is associated with reducing zinc in older people. According to research, zinc sulfate, as an antioxidant, improved aging-related features by extending telomeres.

According to a review, zinc supplementation helps lower oxidative stress and inflammation. Telomerase activity increases when more zinc is added to the cell culture medium. In addition, dietary zinc deficiency has been linked to DNA damage in humans. Infection, another cause of telomere shortening, can be reduced by taking zinc supplements.


Participate in High Levels of Physical Activity

Men-and-women-exercise_Participate-in-High-Levels-of-Physical-Activity-_ss_body | 5 Proven Ways to Aid Telomere Shortening for Overall Health & Wellness

Physical activity can help preserve telomere length by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, helping to protect telomeres from damage. A study involving over 5000 participants showed that adults who engage in high physical activity levels have longer telomeres compared to their more sedentary counterparts.

A literature search showed that physical activity and exercise might help maintain telomere length in middle-aged and older individuals who are either healthy or chronically ill. Furthermore, they can improve well-being and lifespan by having protective and therapeutic benefits.


Keep the Body in Good Shape

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Since physical activity increases human health and lifespan by preserving telomere length, it is understandable that maintaining a good body shape is also essential in protecting telomeres. A study involving middle-aged and older women suggested that body composition is related to telomere length. Results showed an inverse association between waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio, and telomere length.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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A study involving 58 healthy premenopausal women suggests that stress affects health by modulating the rate of cellular aging. Evidence showed that stress is significantly associated with higher oxidative stress, reduced telomerase activity, and shorter telomere length. Women with the highest stress levels have shorter telomeres than their low-stress counterparts.

Another study suggests a link between stress due to exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) and telomere length. Findings revealed that women exposed to IPV have chronic stress, poorer health, and shorter telomere length. Body mass index (BMI) in formerly abused women was also significantly higher than that in women who had never been exposed to IPV.

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Take Peak Human’s TA65 Supplements

Suppose you have tried all the methods above or already had a healthy lifestyle with a nutrient-rich diet but still want to optimize your health even more. If that’s the case for you, taking supplements that can help slow down aging can be another option. Peak Human’s TA65 has shown to be safe and effective in activating telomerase and lengthening telomeres.

Telomerase is an enzyme that prevents telomeres from shortening. Telomerase activity allows cells to keep multiplying and avoid aging. Without telomerase activity, these cells would become inactive, stop dividing and die. Activating telomerase can retain telomere length, delay aging, and reverse age-related tissue deterioration.

Finding solutions to counteract aging and age-related diseases has gained significant attention from many people. In combination with having a nutrient-rich diet and a stress-free healthy lifestyle with high physical activity levels, Peak Human’s TA65 can help many people slow down telomere shortening to achieve longevity.


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