Can Spermidine Help Slow Down Aging?

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First isolated in sperm and found naturally in grapefruit and cheese, spermidine may slow down aging and promote a healthier, longer life. Are we a step closer to reverse aging?

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A Compound in Cheese May Help You Live Longer!

What is Spermidine?

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Spermidine is a polyamine compound found in living tissues and ribosomes that, as the name suggests, was first isolated from semen.

Polyamines play a significant role in cell growth, metabolic functions, and cell survival within organisms. Although spermidine levels vary in different organisms and individuals, one common trait is the decline of spermidine as we age.


Anti-Aging Uses of Spermidine

Spermidine helps forestall cellular aging and supports longevity by generating autophagy to facilitate the rejuvenation of cells.

The word autophagy, from the Greek words “auto” and “phagy,” meaning “self” and “eat,” gives an indication of its activity as self-eating, i.e., to get rid of damaged cells and generate new, healthier ones.

Autophagy can be thought of as a cellular recycling system that renews cells, reducing the appearance of aging. Pharmacological, nutritional, behavioral, or genetic processes that extend life span require autophagy to be productive.


Research and Benefits

As the population ages and age-related diseases rise, healthy aging is more critical than ever. Therefore much research is going into promoting cognitive and brain health in older people.

In animal studies, spermidine has been shown to extend longevity and to improve healthspan at multiple levels. In mice, spermidine also suppressed age-related decline in cardiovascular performance, increasing overall longevity by 10%.

There is epidemiologic support for the concept that a spermidine-rich diet is linked to increased survival in humans.

A randomized placebo controlled 12 month intervention trial is looking at the positive impact spermidine supplementation has on memory performance in older individuals, showed promising results.

As well as influencing aging and supporting healthy longevity, research has shown that spermidine has various potential health benefits.

  • Effective against memory loss and other mental health-related conditions
  • Research has suggested that spermidine may prevent hepatocellular carcinoma and liver fibrosis, common causes of liver cancer.
  • Uptake of spermidine also reduces overall cardiovascular mortality.


Foods High in Spermidine

There are many dietary sources of spermidine which include grapefruit, mushrooms, legumes, mature cheese, soy products, whole grain, corn, green peppers, peas, chickpeas, oranges, green tea, broccoli, and rice bran. The Mediterranean diet contains many foods rich in spermidine.

To get enough spermidine in your diet, it can be taken in supplement form, which is identical to the naturally occurring compound.

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For more information about supplements and to help you determine which are best for increasing mental health, speak to a healthcare provider.


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