Leadership Team

Dr. Sanjeev Goel

Dr. Goel is the founder of Peak Human whose goal is to get you to 100K now. With advanced training in Anti-Aging, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, he advocates a healthy lifestyle centered around plant based diet, focused physical activity and enhancing mental resilience.

Michelle Rodrigues
BHSc. (Hons.), COO

Michelle Rodrigues is the Chief Operations Officer of Peak Human.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and has been immersed in the medical field since 2011.

Medical Team

Dr. Lopita Banerjee

Dr. Banerjee is a family physician with a special interest in addictions and chronic pain. She has been involved in several global health projects, most recently helping to establish primary care in northeast India. Her practice includes public health work, palliative care and home visits, as well as duties as a Regional Coroner.

Dr. Naeha Sareen

Dr. Naeha Sareen uses an integrative model of healthcare and rehabilitation that relies on the latest evidence-based knowledge and practice in manual medicine designed to optimize her patients’ health.

Ambassadors and Coaches Team

Carmelia Ray
Online Dating & Match-Making Expert

Carmelia Ray is an Author, Speaker, Television Personality, Celebrity Matchmaker and Canada’s most sought after Certified Dating Coach and Online Dating Expert.