4 Genius Ways to Biohacking Your Brain

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The brain is the most powerful organ as it controls all body functions. Humans can manipulate their brain function through various means, one of which is biohacking. Biohacking has been widely practiced to improve the brain despite its unfamiliar terminology. Please read this article to learn four science-based methods for biohacking your brain.

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Boost Brain Function – Learn 4 Proven Ways to Biohacking Your Brain

Biohacking refers to the practices that involve body modifications to enhance physical and psychological performance. Recently, besides the emerging methods that help improve the body’s performance, many techniques have been proven to boost brain function.

Biohacking your brain can be as simple as getting up early in the morning to regulate your circadian rhythm or changing your diet to provide your brain with sufficient nutrients. However, this article reviews the science-backed ways to bring about dramatic results to brain performance.


Biohacking Your Brain by Meditation

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Meditation is an ancient practice that promotes a calm and attentive mind. Rooting from Buddhist and Hindu cultures, meditation is practiced by numerous practitioners who bring awareness to thought and feeling. In recent times, meditation offers relaxation in a stressful world where our minds are often impaired.

There are many different types of meditation practices. For example, mindfulness meditation allows practitioners to remain aware and conscious by breathing methods and guided imagery. However, while most meditation methods require long and high intensity, little is known about how short meditation practices affect brain function.

According to a study, those who practiced a 13-min daily guided meditation session in 8 weeks had enhanced attention, working memory, recognition memory, and decreased negative mood states and anxiety. The study also suggests that even short daily meditation can have comparable outcomes as longer duration and higher-intensity mediation sessions. Therefore, you should feel encouraged to meditate since it will only take you as quickly as 10 minutes a day yet significantly affect your brain performance.


Biohacking Your Brain by Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy is a treatment that involves the inhalation of natural aroma to promote health and well-being. It is commonly used to treat various mental and physical problems, including stress, anxiety, and headaches. Recently, studies have found that aromatherapy induces several effects on the brain.

According to a study, the lavender aroma can promote low-frequency brain waves, increasing deep sleep and improving sleep quality. As a result, the brain can recover sufficiently since good-quality sleep plays an essential role in removing toxins in the brain that accumulate while awake. Further, the recovery of the brain due to sleeping is also associated with enhanced learning and memory.

There are many ways to carry out aromatherapy. The most effective way might be visiting a certified aromatherapist. Nevertheless, you can also adopt aromatherapy into your daily routine by adding aroma to your bathwater, using an aroma diffuser, or spraying aroma extracts directly on fabrics. Besides lavender, which has proven its effectiveness in the study above, you can also try rosemary or thyme extracts, producing similar effects.


Biohacking Your Brain by Using Your Non-dominant Hand

xA young beautiful blonde woman in a white jumper …ing Your Brain by Using Your Non-dominant Hand | 4 Genius Ways to Biohacking Your Brain

The human brain is a complex yet powerful organ since it can improve through mental stimulation. In other words, the brain can adapt and renew itself by unusual behaviors. For example, a simple technique like using your non-dominant hand can encourage the brain to overcome challenges, enhancing brain capabilities.

To find out how using a non-dominant hand changes the brain, scientists conducted a study involving right-handed participants who were required to trace shapes with their left hand for 10 days. The findings suggested that training can improve the precision of non-dominant hand control, as demonstrated by enhanced connectivity between bilateral sensorimotor hand areas and a parieto-prefrontal praxis network.

Try doing easy tasks with your non-dominant hand, such as tracing shapes, as in the research above, and then progress to harder ones like writing. It will be challenging to do the action precisely; however, it will become easier once your brain has been adjusted to the new movements. While it is not necessary to train your non-dominant hand to be as dexterous as your dominant hand, the study shows that at least 20 minutes of training each day might be beneficial.

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Biohacking Your Brain by Learning New Words Every Day

A middle-aged man of European appearance reads a b…ing Your Brain by Learning New Words Every Day | 4 Genius Ways to Biohacking Your Brain

One last way to boost your brain function that is simple yet effective is learning new words daily. Many people know that keeping the brain occupied whenever possible is an excellent way to function correctly. However, scientists have found that learning new words can produce some beneficial effects on the brain.

According to research, the ability to learn new words is based on the communication between brain areas. Furthermore, the structure of the arcuate fasciculus, a bundle of nerve fibers connecting auditory regions in the temporal lobe with motor areas in the frontal lobe in the left hemisphere of the brain, is linked to the capacity to recall words.

The research also found that the nervous tissue promoted faster electrical signaling in participants who could learn words more successfully. In addition, the activity between the two regions of the brain, one related to auditory language decoding and the other linked to movements associated with speech, was more effectively coordinated in those participants.

The ability to acquire new words and the amount of time it takes to remember a word differs from person to person. Research suggests the brain’s representations of sound and meaning of words begin about 1 to 2 hours after exposure. At this rate, you should be able to learn at least a couple of new words per day in your spare time.

Biohacking your brain by the methods above has been proven to elevate your brain performance effectively. Please remember that biohacking your brain can help you focus and perform better at work, both of which increase your quality of life.


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