Two Physicians Uncover the Eye-Opening Truth About Netflix’s “You Are What You Eat” Documentary

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In this video, Join Dr. Sanjeev Goel from Peak Human Labs and his special guest, Dr. Anil , as they dissect the Netflix documentary “You Are What You Eat.” In this episode, they discuss the first two episodes of the series and provide insights on nutrition and its impact on health. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to their channel to support their work.


Main Takeaways:

– The first two episodes are discussed in detail, focusing on the relationship between nutrition and health.

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To gain valuable insights into nutrition and its impact on health, watch the dissecting of the “You Are What You Eat” documentary on the Peak Human Labs YouTube channel. Like and subscribe to stay updated with their latest content.ย 

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00:00:10 – Dr. Sanjeev introduces the video and mentions a special treat: Dr. Anil Maheshwari joining to discuss a Netflix documentary.

00:00:57 – Introduction of Dr. Anil, a family physician with 22 years of practice in the U.S. and Canada, specializing in physicals, prevention, and weight loss medicine.

00:01:23 – Dr. Anil expresses fascination with Netflix shows on exercise, diet, and nutrition, leading into the topic of the documentary comparing vegan and omnivore diets.

00:01:36 – Dr. Sanjeev discloses that he follows a plant-based diet but includes egg whites and whey protein, clarifying that he might be considered an “ovo-vegetarian.”

00:02:35 – Dr. Sanjeev shares his journey to a plant-based diet at age 17, inspired by a trip to India and reading Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography.

00:03:30 – Liberation Movement and Shift Towards Plant-Based Diets

00:04:27 – Dr. Anil Omnivore Diet Evolution

00:05:13 – Rethinking Diet Quality

00:07:41 – Personal Genetic Profiles

00:08:56 – Caloric Differences provided by the study.

00:10:02 – TMAO Introduction

00:10:32 – Discovery of TMAO

00:12:21 – Visceral Fat

00:14:27 – Microbiome Importance

00:16:33 – Changeability of Microbiome

00:17:02 – Participant Demographics

00:18:48 – Blood Flow and Sexual Arousal

00:19:03 – Viewer Discomfort

00:19:24 – Blood Flow Analysis

00:19:47 – Viewer Perspective

00:20:22 – Environmental Footage

00:21:24 – Bias and Study Outcomes: Dr. Anil questions whether biases, particularly those related to diet and lifestyle, could influence study outcomes, especially when participants and professionals involved share similar beliefs.

00:22:00– Extreme Comments

00:22:41 – Balanced View

00:23:03 – Series Impact: Discussion on the overall impact of the series

00:23:56 – Future Discussion: Dr. Sanjeev and Dr. Anil plan to reconvene after watching episodes three and four to delve deeper into the results and address potential criticisms or concerns.

00:24:13 – Conclusion and Interaction

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