Secrets of Aging: Dr. Raghav Sehgal Reveals Breakthroughs in Epigenetic Clocks and Systems Age

In This Article:

Join Dr. Sanjeev Goel in an interview with Dr. Raghav Sehgal, a PhD student at Yale and expert in epigenetic clocks. Discover how Dr. Sehgal’s research sheds light on aging, from predicting chronological age to understanding the pace of aging and mortality risk. Learn about the concept of “systems age” and how different organs age at varying rates, impacting disease prevalence. Explore the potential for personalized treatments based on these findings. Dr. Sehgal also discusses the impact of lifestyle factors like diet and exercise on reversing epigenetic aging, offering practical insights for a healthier, more youthful life.



00:00 – Introduction

01:05 – Background and Entry into Epigenetic Clocks

09:03 – History of Epigenetic Clocks

17:00 – Systems Age: Measuring Aging in 11 Organs

19:02 – Importance and Significance of Systems Age

20:04 Aging Clusters

22:26 Cardiovascular Disease Clusters

24:56 Impact of Alcohol on Aging

27:52 Reversibility of Epigenetic Clocks

30:11 Impact of Diet on Aging

35:43 Personalized Recommendations

38:51 Exercise and Longevity

39:31 Availability of Systems Clock

40:05 Future Projects


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