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ptd serum

PTD Hair Serum

PTD-DBM has been studied for regrowth of hair by activating the Wnt/b-catenin pathway. Indication under study: Methyl Vanillate to aid in activating hair follicle development.


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The PTD Hair Serum is a healthy way to activate the growth of new hair follicles.

Do you ever wonder the reasons why we lose hair as we get older? One reason is the exhaustion of the Wnt/b-catenin pathway. The Wnt/b-catenin pathway regulates key cellular processes. More specifically, it is associated with hair follicle morphogenesis, regeneration, and growth.

Peak Human’s PTD Hair Serum combines a peptide called PTD-DBM with valproic acid to help restore hair follicles in as little as 5 weeks. This peptide is often used as a part of larger hair protocols in conjunction with other peptides. These include GHK-Cu, Zn-Thymulin, and Thymosin Beta.

Active Ingredients


PTD-DBM is short for Protein transduction domain (PTD)-Dvl-binding motif (DBM). It helps activate the Wnt/b-catenin pathway and promote healthy hair growth.

Valproic Acid

Valproic Acid is anticonvulsant that inhibits glycogen synthase kinase 3β and activates the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. This helps stimulate the hair growth cycle and anagen induction.

Hair Growth
Stimulate Hair Growth System
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Gluten Free



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