Peak Canine – Human – Level Wellness for Your Furry Friend

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In this audio, join Carmelia Ray and Dr. Sanjeev where they introduce “Peak Canine,” a revolutionary initiative aiming to provide human-level care for dogs. πŸ“š PURCHASE DR. SANJEEV GOEL’S BOOK “The Top 10 Must Do Peak Human Biohacks of 2023″πŸ“š β†’ iBooks:… β†’ Kobo:… β†’ Amazon – ******************** Visit our website: Shop here: SUBSCRIBE TODAY: The duo discusses the inspiration behind this project, emphasizing the shift from treating ailments to focusing on preventive care for dogs. They explore innovative tests such as metabolic and genetic assessments, as well as the concept of biological age for dogs. Peak canine aims to extend dogs’ lifespans and overall well-being through insights and advancements in canine care. Stay tuned for the launch of Peak K9 and a new era of comprehensive dog wellness. 🐢🐾 ****************** TIMESTAMP 0:00 – Intro 0:22 – Personal Connection to Dogs 1:00 – Transitioning Human-Level Care to Dogs 1:19 – Shifting Focus to Preventive Care 2:08 – Innovative Testing Approach 2:11 – Metabolic and Genetic Testing 2:24 – Exploring Biologic Age for Dogs 2:34 – Prolonging Dogs’ Lifespan and Wellness 2:56 – Rethinking Feeding Habits for Dogs 3:15 – Intermittent Fasting for Canines 3:33 – Applying Natural Eating Patterns 3:45 – Innovative Testing Initiatives 4:11 – Future of Genetic Testing for Dogs 4:15 – Conclusion and Teaser for Peak Canine

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