Optimizing Testosterone Replacement Therapy | Understanding Estrogen Blockers and Hormone Balance

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Learn about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and Estrogen Blockers with Dr. Sanjeev Goel. If you’re considering TRT, understanding how your body metabolizes testosterone is crucial. Dr. Sanjeev explains the pathways, enzyme variations, and factors like BMI that impact your hormone balance. Discover if an estrogen blocker is right for you. Subscribe for more valuable insights!


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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Understanding Testosterone Metabolism

01:23 – Genetic Variations in Enzymes

02:00 – Metabolism Pathways of Testosterone

02:43 – Importance of Knowing Your Enzyme Levels

03:05 – BMI and Estrogen Conversion

03:36 – The Impact of High Testosterone Dosage

04:00 – The Role of Estrogen Blockers

04:47 – Monitoring Hormone Levels with Blood Tests

05:05 – DHT Blockers and Estrogen Excess

05:43 – Conclusion

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