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What We Do At Peak Human

Concierge Clinic

We create personalized treatments based on individual genetics and goals.

Drip Trip

Mobile IV Treatments

Drip Trip by Peak Human provides in-home cutting-edge intravenous injections in the Greater Toronto Area.

Peak X Labs

Sexual Optimization and Health

Peak X Labs provides a full medical assessment and treatment to optimize sexual function and performance.

Peak Canine

Dog Optimum Health Concierge Clinic

Coming soon!

Peak Emsella Clinic

Pelvic Floor and Incontinence
Peak Emsella Clinic provides access to non-surgical pelvic strengthening devices to address symptoms of urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or pelvic floor weakness. We are located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Peak Plasmapheresis Institute

Brain Health and Rejuvenation

Peak Plasmapheresis Institute is currently a world leader in the science of using plasmapheresis and other cutting-edge treatments to rejuvenate the body and treat Alzheimer’s. We are looking in the Greater Toronto Area.

Hyperbaric O2

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy clinic provides high-pressure oxygen to help heal and regenerate your body. Our clinic is located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)


Aesthetics - Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate by Peak Human offers the latest aesthetic echnologies to improve your skin and body contouring. We offer Morpheus8, Emsculpt, Neuromodulators and fillers amongst other therapies. Currently there are 2 locations in the Greater Toronto Area


What We Do At Peak Human