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Join Dr. Sanjeev Goel in discovering the transformative power of heart rate variability (HRV) with Dr. Torkil Færø as he delves into his book, “The Pulse Cure.” Learn how personalized approaches and Garmin’s tracking technology can optimize your HRV. Dr. Færø shares insights on improving sleep, diet, and exercise for better health. Hear success stories and explore the future of preventive medicine through HRV customization. Tune in to this episode for actionable tips on enhancing your well-being and longevity.



00:00 – Intro

01:36 – Intro of Dr. Torkil Færø

03:24 – Background of Dr. Færø

05:51 – Importance of Heart Rhythm

08:35 – Tracking HRV

09:55 – New Wearable Technologies

10:51 – Aging and HRV

12:57 – Impact of Alcohol on HRV

14:48 – Success Stories

16:54 – Future Research

18:04 – Understanding Stress and Recovery

21:51 – Utilizing Technology for Health Monitoring

29:25 – Importance of Rest and Recovery

34:33 – Conclusion


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