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Here at Peak Human Labs, we are always in search of revolutionary new treatments that can change your life.   We’ve stumbled upon one over the past 3 months.

Many women as they get into their 40’s and 50’s start to notice that the have symptoms of stress incontinence.  They find they can’t hold a full bladder anymore and sometimes have small “accidents” with coughing, sneezing, lifting or running.   

In my training as a doctor, my usual advice for these women would have been to recommend “Kegel” exercises.  Kegel exercises are exercises you do by voluntarily contracting the floor of your pelvis.  The problem with this recommendation is that it is minimally effective as most people don’t have the motivation to do the exercises regularly – which is needed for it to work.

Because of this, many woman take medications (like Detrol or Ditropan) that help the sphincter to close the bladder more tightly.  These also aren’t very effective as the root cause of the problem – pelvic floor muscle weakness has not been addressed.

In comes in a revolutionary new treatment – called the Emsella machine (FDA approved for the treatment of stress incontinence). It is a chair that you sit on for 30 minutes – twice a week for 3 weeks (with your clothes on).  The results have been incredible so far which every woman who has used it, noticing improvements in her symptoms. Research has backed up the effectiveness of this device.

Most people we encounter have been reluctant to discuss this with their doctor due to embarrassment or a sense that there is no effective treatment.

On a side note, the device is now indicated for sexual dysfunction and people who use it have reported an improved in sexual function.

At Peak Human Labs, we believe these types of treatments can greatly improve the quality of your life and so far the results have been spectacular!

Visit our site to learn more about this treatment and how it can enhance your life.

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