X Lab for Couples


Are you and your partner looking to take your relationship and love-life to the next level?

Are you and your partner ready to live passionately, feel invigorated and have abundant energy?

Are you and your partner ready to explore cutting-edge testing and treatments to boost sexual health?

Peak X Labs offers the best in advanced testing, treatments, stem cell/PRP therapies and state-of-the-art technologies to improve your health and performance in the bedroom. Whether you are looking to overcome sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, or just looking for a little boost, our healthcare professionals can help custom-tailor a plan for your needs


A local anesthesia cream is used so that there is virtually no discomfort or pain.

The procedure takes less than an hour and no time is required for recovery. You can even be sexually active the same day.

Side effects are the same as any injection which is minor pain and bruising at the injection sites.

The P-Shot is a drug-free alternative to Viagra. Let’s face it, relying on a drug that takes an hour to kick in is a big drawback for keeping spontaneity and excitement in your love life.

On average 18-months, but results can last 3 years or longer for some women.

New Patient Inquiry Form

To get started on your Peak Human journey, we ask you to fill out the New Patient Inquiry Form and tell us about your health goals or concerns. Once you fill out the form, a patient care coordinator will be in touch with you within a few days to make sure that the care we provide fits your health needs.

They will share more about how we work with patients through the process, will discuss pricing, and will match you up with a practitioner that specializes in your needs.