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Tired of aging?

The synergistic combination of Leuphasyl®, Argireline®, and GHK-Cu is both a safe and effective treatment for slowing, halting, and even reversing the progression of facial wrinkling.

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You, optimized.

Healthy skin is the foundation of beauty. So proper skin care is essential to reverse the progression of facial wrinkling, lower inflammation, and maintain collagen production. Peak Human’s Trio Cosmetic Cream does all of that. The catalytic combination of Leuphasyl, Argireline, and GHK-Cu is a breakthrough in radiant skin at any age.

Trio Cosmetic Cream Key Ingredients

Radiant skin at any age.


Leuphasyl is a cosmetic peptide and effective anti-wrinkle agent. It acts like a neurotransmitter that reduces fine wrinkles.


Argireline is another peptide that works to reduce wrinkles. It does this by paralyzing muscle tissue and stimulating a healthy production of collagen.


GHK-Cu is a powerful peptide that stimulates blood vessels, increases collagen, improves skin elasticity, and repairs tissue damage.

The Path to Wellness. Naturally.

All Peak Human products are produced in an FDA-inspected USP-797-compliant sterile plant operated by a certified team of compound pharmacists. Free of toxins and harsh synthetics, Peak Human supplements are natural, vegan, and GMO-free.


Healthy People. Happy Planet.

Optimal is the new normal.

You don’t have to suffer from something treatable. All-natural Peak Human supplements support the body’s natural systems for healthy cells, brain function, skin, hair, muscle, and mood.

Without toxins or synthetic chemicals, Peak Human products contain research-proven ingredients that boost the body’s natural ability to be healthy.