Biohacking Your Sleep

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In this episode, Dr. Sanjeev Goel explores the significance of quality sleep as one of the top biohacks of 2023. He highlights the role of sleep in memory consolidation and its potential brain detoxification effects. Practical tips are shared, including avoiding bright lights, refraining from late-night exercise and caffeine, and steering clear of late meals. Wearable technology like the Oura Ring is discussed for sleep tracking, and the benefits of blue light-blocking glasses and relaxation techniques are touched upon. Grab Dr. Sanjeev’s book, “The Top 10 Must-Do Peak Human Biohacks of 2023,” for more insights.



00:00 – Introduction

00:15 – Importance of Sleep

01:20 – Sleep and Brain Function

02:00 – Glymphatic System

03:01 – Sleep Duration and Quality

03:43 – Factors Affecting Sleep

05:00 – Impact of Technology and Light

06:00 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

07:01 – Avoid Vigorous Exercise at Night

08:00 – Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

10:00 – Avoid Eating Late

12:22 – Music and Meditation for Sleep

13:00 – Conclusion


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