Advanced Incontinence Clinic

We use a number of modalities to treat incontinence including the revolutionary Emsella device, bioidentical hormones and pharmaceutical management.
Ask your doctor to refer you or self refer yourself for an assessment.

Benefits of Emsella treatment

Being unable to trust the strength of your body to maintain urinary control can lead to lost self-confidence and even social anxiety. However, with EMSELLA, these fears can be comforted.

  • Non-invasive treatment that has a 95 percent patient satisfaction rate
  • Experience up to 75% less pad usage
  • Experience up to 95% reduce in stress urinary incontinence improvement
  • Increase quality of life, sparing you from frustration, stress, embarrassment, or even social anxiety.

I'm Interested to learn more!

Yes, contact me, I would like to learn more about how this revolutionary new device called the Emsella to help improve my life.

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