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DNA Genetic Testing – Worth it?

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I’m sure you’ve wondered and heard from others about whether DNA/Genetic testing is worth it?  Will it provide you with information that you can act upon?  If not,  is it even worth it?  I felt the same way for some time until I had a chance to look at the more advanced DNA testing that is available today.

Firstly, with regards to whether you would want to know if you are at higher risk of say Alzheimer’s Disease if you can’t do anything about it.  That’s changing…  We don’t think anymore that these are illnesses which we can’t prevent or at least delay with lifestyle and medical treatments.  So there may be benefit now, even knowing about those illnesses which seemed better to not know about in the past.

The second big argument against DNA testing has been about whether it really is accurate.  Critics have pointed out (rightly I believe) that in most cases a singular gene variation doesn’t provide the full picture of your risk to get that disease.  For example, for a complex disease like Diabetes – there are likely many genes that interact to determine your risk for it.  So, with many common tests (like 23andMe for example) you may given a high risk for Diabetes based on a particular gene variation that you have but unless you check for all the major genes that impact that illness, it is difficult to get an accurate picture of your risk.

Which brings me to where DNA testing is going now.  Some of the more advanced DNA tests should be more accurately labelled “Functional Genomic tests” as they look at a bunch of genes and how they work together in a person.  This gives a much more accurate picture of what is happening in your body.  It also tells how how we can intervene to change gene expression or act on the proteins that the genes create (epigenetics) in order to change their function.

There are a number of Functional Genomics tests are there but I really like “the DNA company” test.  Use the code “SGTEST” to get a discount.  When we get your result – I’ll go over it with you.

If you are interested in watching me get my functional genomic results from Dr Mansoor (from the DNA company), please click play.

Peak Human S1EO1 Functional Genomics – Dr. Mansoor Mohammed from Peak Human Labs on Vimeo.

Peak Human Labs Podcast – Why I’m a Fan of Freak Fitness Online

By | Peak Human Podcast | 39 Comments

In this episode of Peak Human Podcast that was broadcast on Facebook Live – we sat down with Freak Fitness Online to understand how they make people “freak on the stage, at work or in the bedroom“.

Darren and Christina Mehling from Freak Fitness Online are pro bodybuilders and have helped develop and train some of the top bodybuilders in the world. See below for their full bio.

Listen to learn more about

  • what type of person is suited to be “freak”?

  • what are some of the medical options available to competitive bodybuilders and physique athletes?

  • how does freak fitness online work? Cost?

  • how long does it take to get results?

    We are so excited to be partners with Freak Fitness Online that Dr. Goel will be starting the program in the first week of January to “Be FREAK PEAK!!

      More about Freak Fitness Online…

    Freak Fitness is an online coaching and personal training company that specializes in physique contest preparation and physique transformations.

    IFBB Pro Christina Mehling and Competition Prep Expert Darren Mehling, BA, CSCS, each have over 20 years in the fitness industry. Along with their dream team of coaches, they have helped hundreds of people achieve their health, fitness, and competition goals. As athletes and coaches, they teach from experience, and they know what it takes to make you a champion and achieve personal excellence.

    Their Competitor Coaching Program has proven to be one of the most effective ways to prepare for physique competitions in the world. Currently, Freak Fitness coaching has helped their “Freak family” earn 805 physique competition top–3 awards and 27 IFBB Pro card qualifications.

    Muscle Insider, Canada’s leading fitness industry publication, included Darren in their list of the Top 10 Contest Prep Coaches in the world.

    A big part of the Freak Fitness’ success comes from Christina and Darren’s conviction that everyone deserves the best plan possible to achieve their goals. Christina and Darren know that achieving goals requires physical, mental, and emotional commitment, so they do more than just provide their clients with a diet and training program. Their clients are offered guidance for all of those aspects in their lives that can influence progress and success.

    Most recently, Freak Fitness has started a new coaching program called the Ignition Coaching Program. Using the same methods that has brought so much success for their physique competitor clients, they are now offering their coaching services to the general population who want to look and perform their best not for the stage, rather be their best for the beach, boardroom, and bedroom.

    The demand for Freak Fitness coaching for non-physique competitors continued to grow because physique competitors would retire and would still want Freak Fitness to be a part of their success off the stage, and more and more people were demanding Freak Fitness guidance to help become “Ready for Anything, Anytime”. Clients wanted to become peak humans!

    And we think the universe brought Freak Fitness and Peak Human together for that reason!