Understanding Mental Health & Its Strong Impact on the Pace of Aging


Overview Mental health is a significant public concern worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in every 8 people are affected by a mental or neurological disorder. Depression is the leading cause of disability globally, followed by anxiety disorders.  At the same time, the burden of mental illness costs the global economy billions […]

How Does Exercise Help Reduce Alcohol Consumption?


Overview Alcohol consumption is a widespread issue globally, with over 280 million people suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) and 3 million deaths annually attributed to excessive alcohol use. In addition, alcohol use is the leading cause of death and disability among those between the ages of 20 and 39, according to the World Health […]

Reverse Aging in Humans: A Near Possibility Following Successful Age Reversal in Mice?


Overview Aging is a “natural” process that affects all living things. It is characterized by a gradual deterioration in physical and cognitive functions, leading to the eventual death of an organism. Despite advances in medicine, aging remains an inevitable part of life. As we grow older, our cells undergo changes that decrease their ability to […]

How Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Helps Prevent the Development of Heart Diseases


Overview Over the past 50 years, progress has been made in the fight against cardiovascular disease by adopting lifestyle interventions and evidence-based medical treatments. However, despite the effectiveness of this strategy, problems with cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment have yet to be solved since every patient is unique, and each requires a personalized intervention, which […]

Clinical Studies Show Impressive Potential of Spermidine Against Age-related Conditions


Overview Spermidine is an exciting compound in many organisms, from animals to plants and even bacteria. It acts as the “superhero” of the cell and is essential to preserving human health. For example, you may have heard that it has anti-aging properties because it activates an autophagic process, which functions as a cellular cleaning mechanism. […]

Does Alcohol Kill Gains? Explaining the Relationship Between Alcohol and Fitness


Overview Alcoholic beverages are consumed and enjoyed around the world. Each year, the global volume of consumed alcohol can reach over 35 million liters. This massive alcohol intake implies a 70 percent increase compared to only a few decades ago. And while the fact that alcohol has numerous adverse effects on the human body is […]

Understanding Biological Age Vs. Chronological Age


The passage of time is an irreversible process. However, ever since the dawn of modern science and medical research, efforts have been made to intervene with time and its effects on human health, one of which is aging. Still, to precisely determine the effect of aging on humans, scientists need to know how old a […]

How to Slow Down Aging Through Stress Manipulation


Stress is a normal part of life. From a quick surge of tension from work that subsides quickly to those months and years of lingering fearfulness – we all have had those moments at some point in our lives. However, beyond what we perceive about stress, a psychological, mental, or emotional strain may cause more […]

Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Sleep


Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s life. No matter what you do or how much you work, you need at least 7 hours of high-quality and efficient sleep when the night comes. Sleep is for life. However, only some have the privilege of collecting adequate sleep throughout the nighttime and feeling refreshed when the […]

Human Hibernation as Possible Answer to Longevity


Overview Time is an irreversible process. No matter what we do or how we advance in medical science, the power of time has long been a massive hindrance that restrains us from reaching increased lifespan and longevity. But what if it could be different? Recently, the scientific community’s interest in intervening with time has bloomed, […]