5 Best Anti-aging Foods for Gut Health

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The gut microbiome is essential and plays a significant part in aging. As a result, the ingredients you include in your daily meals significantly influence how you age. The following natural anti-aging foods hold the key to a healthy gut, leading to healthier aging.

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5 Top Anti-aging Foods That Hold the Key to a Healthy Gut

Fermented Foods

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Fermented foods are among the most widely chosen probiotics that help improve gut health. They are rich in beneficial bacteria that regulate the digestive system. In addition, some fermented food products, such as sauerkraut, fermented soybean, and cheese, also contain high amounts of polyamines, which can help improve lifespan.

According to research, polyamines are the essential components of all living cells. They are synthesized from amino acids, which undergo a process known as fermentation. This explains why fermented food products contain high concentrations of polyamines.

Other research has shown that polyamines can prolong life span in many organisms. Specifically, mice fed with high-polyamine food are less susceptible to mortality. Moreover, old mice consuming high polyamine can retain thicker fur and remain more active. The research suggests that a polyamine called spermidine can be a potential preventive agent for protection against aging.


Cruciferous Vegetables

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High-fiber foods pack a punch in promoting gut health. Fiber provides the good bacteria in your gut with nourishment to maintain a balanced microbiota. Among foods rich in fiber, cruciferous vegetables have recently been found to be an anti-aging food that offers some additional benefits for lifespan.

A large-scale study involving nearly 90 thousand participants found that a higher intake of cruciferous vegetables is associated with lower mortality. Specifically, cruciferous vegetables were linked to lower mortality due to cancer in men and lower mortality due to heart disease and injury in women. The study suggests that cruciferous vegetable consumption might reduce the risk of all-cause mortality.


Nuts and Seeds

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According to an article by Harvard Medical School, nuts and seeds contain a tremendous amount of fiber essential for gut health. An ounce of nuts has up to 3 grams of fiber. Research by the NCBI shows that fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, and polyphenols in nuts can positively affect the gut microbiota composition and overall gut health.

In addition to improving gut health, an analysis has found that nuts and seeds are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Furthermore, nutrients contained in nuts can modulate the processes related to cancer, such as reducing tumor initiation or promotion, protecting DNA, and regulating immunologic and inflammatory responses.



Different-fresh-wild-mushrooms-in-bowl-Mushrooms-ss-body | 5 Best Anti-aging Foods for Gut Health

Mushrooms can also help improve the digestive system by their effect on the gut microbiota. According to research, mushrooms act as prebiotics to stimulate gut microbiota development, resulting in various health benefits for the host.

Further, eating mushrooms can reduce the susceptibility to cognitive decline. According to research, older people who consumed more than two portions of mushrooms weekly, equivalent to 300 grams per week, might have a 50 percent lower chance of developing mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment refers to the stage between the natural decline of aging and the more severe decline of dementia.

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Olive Oil

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Some cooking oils can provide substantially more health benefits than others. In particular, olive oil contains many antioxidants and healthy fats. Besides its positive effects on gut microbiota, olive oil can help prevent various heart diseases.

According to a review, olive oil can positively modify the gut microbiota. Meanwhile, another study found that those who include more than half a tablespoon of olive oil in daily meals had a 15 percent lower chance of having cardiovascular disease and a 21 percent lower chance of having coronary heart disease.


BPC-157 For Gut Health

Above and beyond the natural ingredients mentioned above, using anti-aging supplements for gut health can also be effective. The Peak Human’s BPC-157 Capsules have been proven to protect intestinal organs and prevent leaky gut, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal cramps, and inflammatory bowel disease.

By maintaining a nutritious diet including the natural ingredients listed above and anti-aging supplements, you can reach your maximum potential age.


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