2 Guys With Mics | Relationship Red Flags: What to Watch for in a Potential Partner

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Join Dr. Sanjeev Goel and Neeraj Jain as they explore critical red flags in long-term partnerships. Learn about evaluating family dynamics, maintaining friendships, health, and daily routines. Discover how owning cats can affect personality traits. Spot warning signs like excessive sleeping, financial instability, and more. Gain valuable insights for making informed decisions in your relationships.


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00:00 – Introduction

00:25 – Relationship Red Flags

12:01 – Excessive Sleeping

12:40 – Constant Complaining and Pessimistic Outlook

17:02 – Excessive Use of Location Tracking Apps

18:00 – Controlling Behavior

18:45 – Frequent Morning Drunkenness

19:53 – Addiction Problems (e.g., alcohol, drugs, gambling)

20:52 – Financial Instability

21:55 – Disorganization and Unopened Mail

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